Time To Take Down The Tree

Sad….I liked it this year.  I hate for it to go away.    Iphone camera doesn’t do it justice….it had pretty green beaded garland all over it….

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No Words Necessary

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No….el, no.


My parents have a set of these angels, and when we were younger, we used to always rearrange the word NOEL to read things like LEON and LONE. (We thought we were really funny when they said EL-NO.) My mom would always fix them back, and then we would rearrange them….again and again, all through the Christmas season… we would go back and forth. So I couldn’t resist rearranging this set that I found in the Hallmark store today….then I couldn’t resist buying them. 🙂 I love how the thing sitting next to them says “You’ve been very naughty.”

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Christmas Shopping

Look what got left on my porch yesterday?  Glad *I* got to it before anyone else!  🙂

Why, yes, I do still have my Fall decorations up....

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I like this idea:  Gift wrap your presents in a reusable shopping bag.

Nice!  I bought quite a few.

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I Love This Holiday

It’s about all the right things:  food, family, fun, and Fall.

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It’s ON!

I love Thanksgiving!  I hope these veggies survive until Thursday!

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Funny Memory….

When Mark was little, he called this toy “Itchy-Scratch.”


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My swollen ankles and feet after 36 hours of air travel.



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Using My Powers For Good

500 or so years this thing has been leaning, and a quick push with my finger and all is right with the bell tower in Pisa.StraightenedTheTower

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